AMPLE: N Purifying Shot Toner 600ml

AMPLE: N Purifying Shot Toner 600ml


AMPLE: N Purifying Shot Toner 600ml ជាប្រភេទទឹកជូតមុខដែលលាងសំអាតរន្ធញើសបានជ្រៅថែមទាំងទប់ស្កាត់ការឡើងរោលសាកសមបំផុតសំរាប់មុខប្រេង។

The AMPLE: N care system is renowned for being produced in the cleanest production of the PRE Filter system, which uses three-step cleaning of ingredients.

AMPLE: N products are antiallergic, intended for the most sensitive skin. The basis of the active formula is gluconolactone (PHA-acid), glycolic and lactic acids (ANA-acids), sodium hyaluronate (a derivative of hyaluronic acid), wild lemon fruit extract and waterlily extract, palmitoyl oligopeptide.

Toner perfectly removes dead skin and dirt, deeply cleanses the pores, effectively eliminates dull, sallow complexion, making it even and radiant. The skin will acquire an evener texture and brightness. Toner regulates the sebaceous glands, as well as perfectly moisturizes the skin, instantly eliminates black spots and perfectly brightens and evens the complexion. The composition also contains glycolic acid, silkworm cocoon extract, extracts of aloe, witch hazel, orange oil, and tea tree.

Products with alpha-hydroxy-acid complex provide:

  • good moisturizing
  • peeling of dead cells from the skin surface
  • renewing young epidermis cells
  • improving skin texture
  • strengthening skin protective barrier, increasing ceramide production
  • lighten hyperpigmentation
  • slow down photoaging of skin

The most effective AHA-acids are lactic and glycolic acid. Glycolic acid has an anti-aging, whitening effect, deeply moisturizes the skin. It has small molecules and penetrates much deeper into the skin, therefore it can exfoliate the driest and deepest accumulations of dead cells. PHA-acids are a subtype of AHA-acids, only without irritating the skin due to a certain weight of molecules, even in high concentrations. PHA-acid based products are suitable and even necessary for very sensitive, allergic skin, skin with rosacea, dermatitis, rosacea, etc.


  • remarkably renew and exfoliate sensitive skin,
  • whiten and eliminate reddening of atopic skin and rosacea skin,
  • regulate seborrhea regulation,
  • effectively moisturize the skin,
  • have a pronounced antioxidant effect,
  • maintain skin elasticity and prevent elastin destruction,
  • thicken the stratum corneum of the skin interferes with photo-aging of the skin and inhibits it, showing an anti-aging effect.

Palmitoyl Oligopeptide is an exclusive remedy for aging skin. Oligopeptides interact with the cell and reach the cell nucleus. Oligopeptides rejuvenate cells, have a protective effect, increasing the resistance of cells to various damaging factors, normalize the metabolism in tissues, increase the efficiency of nutrient absorption by tissues, activate metabolic and functional processes in cells and regeneration processes.

Wild lemon in the composition of cosmetics:

  • Rejuvenates the skin due to saturation with antioxidant vitamins and stimulation of intracutaneous metabolic processes;
  • Vitamin C contributes to the production of collagen, and thereby improves the skin, helps the skin to maintain its elasticity, healthy elasticity and strength;
  • Antiseptic and antifungal agent that is useful for problem and teenage skin, if necessary, to treat the rash and, accordingly, to maintain the absolute purity of the skin;
  • Removes inflammation and redness on the skin, providing a local tonic effect activates the processes of regeneration of skin cells;
  • The extract has good nutritional properties for the skin, because it affects increasing skin tone and metabolic processes;
  • Excellent cleanser of the enlarged pores, eliminates germs and prevents the occurrence of inflammation and suppuration;
  • It has a whitening effect on the skin.


Apply the required amount of toner to a cotton pad and wipe the face.


600 ml


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