Nacific Origin Cover Cushion

Nacific Origin Cover Cushion


Nacific cushion ជាប្រភេទម្សៅទឹកដែលមានសេរ៉ូមរួមបញ្ជូលគ្នា សាច់ម្សៅស្ដេីង ល្អសម្រាប់ស្បែកមុខស្ងួត និងមុខគ្រប់ប្រភេទ។

Hypoallergenic triple base cover cushion which contains a famous Fresh Herb Origin Serum!
High Adhesive Cover: Triple-Skin-Tone-Correction provides accurate coverage of scars and dullness.
Passed a hypoallergenic test: Sensitive skin and acne-prone skin can use it safely.
Antioxidant patent: Eliminate active oxygen to produce skin elasticity.


Suggested Use
1. Open the product and remove the film from the mirror.
2. Remove the film inside the cushion.
3. Press briefly on the sponge with the puff, and then the contents will come out.
4. Apply by puffing your face with a puff. * It is recommended to apply several times by small amount.


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